General Meetings

Annual General Meeting 2017


2017 AGM Presentation

2017 AGM Voting Results

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report. Interactive book

Quorum Shareholders 2017 AGM



Call notice General Shareholders’ Meeting 2017

Proposed resolutions

Item one.- Approval 2016 financial statements

Item two.- Allocation of result

Item three.- Approval of conduct of business by the Board of Directors

Item four.- Reelection of auditor

Item five.- Setting of number of members of the Board of Directors and reelection of director

Item six.- Nonexecutive directors’ compensation

Item seven.- Directors’ Compensation Policy

Item eight.- Approval of incentive plan and allocation of shares to plan

Item nine.- Consultative vote on Annual Compensation Report

Item ten.- Authorized capital

Item eleven.- Acquisition of treasury stock

Item twelve.- Issue of debentures

Item thirteen.- Issue of fixed income securities

Item fourteen.- Amendment of the Bylaws

Item fifteen.- Amendment of the Regulations of the Shareholders’ Meeting

Item sixteen.- Authorization to shorten period for calling shareholders’ meetings

Item seventeen.- Authorization to the Company to contribute to corporate social responsibility programs or projects

Item eighteen.- Delegation of powers to the Board

No. of shares/voting rights

Total number of shares and voting rights

Financial Reports

Individual and consolidated financial statements and auditor´s report – MERLIN Properties 2016

Directors responsibility statement


Reports on item ten.- Authorized capital

Report on item twelve.- Issue of debentures

Report on item fourteen.- Amendment of Bylaws

Report on item fifteen.- Amendment of Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations

Report by Audit and Control Committee on related-party transactions

Report by Audit Committee on auditor independence

2016 Annual Report on Directors’ Compensation

2016 Annual Corporate Governance Report

Report on CSR Policy

Report by Board of Directors on ratification and reelection of Mr. José Ferrís Monera

Proposal and report by Appointments and Compensation Committee on amendment of Board Regulations

Report on Audit Committee’s activities

Report on Appointment Committee’s activities

Compensation Policy

MERLIN – Directors’ Compensation Policy 2017

Report by Appointments and Compensation Committee on compensation policy

Presentation of the new incentive plan

Supplementary information

Policy on communication and contracts with shareholders and investors

Extract on right to information of the Shareholder

Identity, résumé and category of Mr. José Ferrís Monera

Electronic Forum rules

Description of the requirements to evidence ownership, right to attend and rules on proxies and distance voting

Proxy and Voting forms

Forms for attendance, proxy and voting by postal or any other equivalent courier means

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Electronic proxy and vote

Electronic Forum


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