General Meetings

Annual General Meeting 2015


Annual Report 2014

MERLIN Properties AGM 2015 Presentation

MERLIN Properties- Voting Results

MERLIN Properties- Quorum Shareholders AGM 2015


Notice of Annual General Meeting

AGM Call and Agenda

Resolution proposals

Item One – 2014 Financial Statements Approval

Item Two- Allocation of Results

Item Three- Approval of the onduct of business by BoD

Item Four- Directors Appointment

Item Five- Directors’ Compensation

Item Six- Consultative Vote on the Report on Directors’ Compensation

Item Seven- Capital Increase Delegation (5 years)

Item Eight- Convertibles Issuance

Item Nine- Fixed-Income Securities Issuance

Item Ten- Capital Increase Delegation (1 year)

Item Eleven- Acquisition of Treasury Stock

Item Twelve – Amendment of the By-Laws

Item Thirteen – Amendment of the Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations

Item Fourteen – Reduction of period for EGM

Item Fifteen – Delegation of Powers to the BoD to implement resolutions

Nº of shares / voting rights

Número total de acciones y derechos de voto

Annual accounts

Cuentas Anuales individuales y consolidades – MERLIN Properties 2014

Declaración de Responsabilidad Consejeros


Informe de Modificación Reglamento Consejo

Informe anual de Gobierno corporativo 2014 (y adjunto)

Informe Anual sobre Remuneraciones de los Consejeros 2014

Report on Item Four – Directors Appointment

Report on Item Seven – Capital Increase Delegation (5 years)

Report on Item Eight – Convertible Issuance

Report on Item Ten – Capital Increase Delegation (1 year)

Report on Item Twelve – Amendment of the By-Laws

Report on Item Thirteen – Amendment of the Shareholder’s Meeting Regulations

Additional information

Letter to Shareholders Novation of Management Stock Plan

Identidad, Currículo y Categoría del Consejero que se somete a nombramiento de la Junta General

Extracto sobre el Derecho de Información

Propuesta de la Comisión de Nombramientos al nombramiento Ana de Pro como consejero

Procedure for appointing proxy and for distance voting

Normas de Delegación y Voto a Distancia

Attendance, Proxy and Distance Voting Card

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Shareholders Meeting Code