Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Rules

General Corporate Government Policy

          General Corporate Governance Policy

Bylaws and Regulations


Conduct Code

Regulations of Shareholders Meeting

Regulations of the Board of Directors

          Regulations of the Planning and Coordination Committee

          Regulations of the Audit and Control Committee

          Regulations of the Appointments and Compensations Committee

          Regulations of the Sustainability, Ethics and Innovation Committee

Shareholder and Securities Market Policies

          Internal Rules of Conduct in matters relating to Securities Markets

          Shareholder Remuneration Policy

Risk Management Policies

          Risk Management and Control Policy

          Internal Control Policy

          Financing and Financial Risk Policy

          Procurement Policy

          Auditor Relations Framework

Compliance Policies

          Corporate Compliance Policy

          AML, Corruption and Bribery Prevention Policy

          Personal Data Protection Policy

          Information Security Policy

Tax Policies

          Tax Strategy

          Tax Policy

Selection, Appointment and Removal Policies

          Director Selection, Appointment and Removal Policy

          Senior Management Selection, Appointment and Removal Policy

          Human Capital Management Policy

Compensation Policies

          Management Team Remuneration Policy

          Directors Remuneration Policy

Communication Policy

          Policiy on communication and contacts with Shareholders and Investors

Sustainability Policies

          Corporate Social Resposability and Sustainability Policy

          Policy on Respect for Human Rights

          Stakeholder Relations Policy

          Biodiversity Policy