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As of 31 December 2020, the share capital of MERLIN Properties SOCIMI, S.A. amounted to € 469,770,750, represented by 469,770,750 fully subscribed and paid shares with a nominal value of 1 euro each, all of which are of the same class and confer the holders thereof the same rights. All the shares are quoted on the four national stock exchanges: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Lisbon. The Company’s Reuters and Bloomberg code is MRL.MC and MRL:SM, respectively.

Share capital evolution

Date Transaction # shares after transaction
25 March 2014 Incorporation 60.000
30 June 2014 Capital increase 125.000.000
14 July2014 Capital increase 4.152.001
8 May 2015 Capital increase 64.605.999
7 August 2015 Capital increase 129.212.000
28 October 2016 Capital increase 146.740.750
Current number of shares 469.770.750

Main Shareholders and BoD Members

Treasury Stock

The treasury stock situation as of 31 December 2022 is described below:

Directs Indirects
Shares 1.536.184
% 0,327%

The last communication provided and reported by CNMV is dated as of 20 November 2018, in accordance to the RD 1366/2007.

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