CSR Policy

MERLIN aims to manage responsibly its activity, ensuring the attainment of sustainable goals and the creation of shared value for its stakeholders, while at the same time guaranteeing strict compliance with the legislation as well as the international standards to which the company adheres.

In this context, the commitment of MERLIN cannot be other than the achievement of sustainable profitability which guarantees the success of the business and takes into account the expectations of its stakeholders. Additionally, this growth has to be achieved without detriment to the environmental performance of the organization, minimizing the impacts that may occur on the environment and backing the integration of sustainability into the processes of development and repositioning of assets.

This commitment to the responsible management of activities is reflected in the six corporate values of MERLIN: ethics and corporate responsibility; economic performance; respect for the environment and urban balance; objectivity and integrity; respect for human rights and protection of assets.


Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability policy

Biodiversity Policy