Office - Barcelona

Av. Parc Logistic 10-12 (PLZFA-PLZFB)
  • 22,063 m2 GLA

The Free Zone Logistic Park, located between Montjuïc and Llobregat’s delta, promotes a business area with the constructions of highly representative buildings with a high visibility façade, parallel to the literal round, to host corporate headquarters of companies.

Building A.1 of 11,411 sqm, designed by the architect Ricardo Bofillof, has a striking design. It is characterized by its open floors and glazed facades of double skin curtain walls, achieving the maximum use of natural light as well as an optimum thermal and sound insolation for energy saving and comfort.  The office building B has a total SBA of 10,652 sqm with 6 floors above group and an underground parking. They have the most advanced business park services, creating an environment with spacious interior roads and large garden areas, giving a high-quality and well-being sensation.

The placement offers direct access to the ring roads of Barcelona as well as a wide highway network. It is also located near the Can Tunis goods train station and the city center.

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