MERLIN Properties to distribute interim dividend in respect of FY 2015 for an amount of 25 million euros, equivalent to €0.0775 per share

Madrid, 14 October.- The Board of Directors of MERLIN Properties has agreed to the distribution of an interim dividend in respect of FY 2015 for a gross amount of €0.0775 per outstanding share to the shareholders registered in the accounting records of IBERCLEAR as of 14 October at 23:59 hours (CET). The company has announced that the dividend will be paid on 28 October. The distribution to shareholders as a result of this interim dividend will be 25 million euros.

Through this payment, the Company meets the first stage of its shareholders remuneration program for 2015, publicly announced last 23 February, which stated that the company was in a position to distribute at least 60 million euros in FY 2015, to be distributed partly as a dividend and partly as a refund of the share premium, and payable in two instalments, one in 2015 and the other in 2016, once the AGM approves 2015 annual accounts.

About MERLIN Properties


MERLIN Properties SOCIMI, S.A. (MC:MRL) is the largest real estate company trading on the Spanish Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of approximately 3,500 million euros, specialized in the acquisition and management of commercial property in the Iberian region. MERLIN Properties mainly invests in offices, shopping centers and logistics facilities, within the Core and Core Plus segments, forming part of the benchmark Euro STOXX 600, FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate, GPR Global Index, GPR-250 Index, and MSCI Small Caps indices.